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(by Prisha Udar, Class XII)

Whenever a student or a parent plans and researches about the best school to take admission into, three things come to mind. Firstly, the quality of the education being provided. Secondly, if the institution promises to provide a balance between academics and co-curricular activities. Thirdly, if the institution is well-established and provides a safe environment.

New Era Public School, Dwarka is one of the top 15 best schools in Delhi. It is a well-established organization with 63 years of excellence in education. The school provides a wonderful learning experience that allows students to develop sharp minds and creative spirit. For those of you, who are wondering if the school caters to the needs of disabled children, yes, yes it does. Inclusive education never lets any unique child feel alienated, and the trained teachers remain at their disposal, offering them guidance. NEPS, Dwarka recognises the need for a scientifically designed curriculum; classes LKG to 5 follow the XSEED curriculum. Apart from academics, the overall focus of the school is on the holistic development of students. Therefore the curriculum is designed to instil in students the three C’s- A sterling Character, Commitment to excellence and Consistency in performance.

The school houses about twenty-five to thirty students in each class, so that the need of each student is met by the teacher, focusing on quality and not quantity.

The faculty of NEPS, Dwarka is rich with trained, committed and experienced teachers, who identify the talent in each student. They always provide the students with unwavering support and guide them all throughout. Students can also seek the advice of an in house-counsellor.

The school is built on a vast lush green property surrounded by tall trees, providing privacy and safety. An attentive security team is on constant patrol ensuring the safety of the students.

Another remarkable thing about NEPS, Dwarka is that it provides a balanced school life between Academics, Co-curricular activities and even Sports! Each year the school tries to revive the spirit of Renaissance by hosting an annual interschool competition. The school also provides a brilliant sports training program with various sports to choose from it including Football, Cricket, Basketball, Table tennis, Shooting, Lawn Tennis etc. (For more details about the exciting sports program please proceed to the home page of the school website.)

As I end this blog, I hope I have been able to convince you that studying at NEPS, Dwarka may be the best decision of your life, and if not, please return to the home page to learn more about New Era Public School, Dwarka.

Have a wonderful Day!