Healthy tips to fight anxiety

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(by Ditya Tanwar, Class IX)

Anxiety! Have you ever experienced it? Racing thoughts, sweaty palms, heart pounding out of your chest. It feels like every worst-case scenario is playing out in your head at once.

It’s an overwhelming, dreadful emotion. And for those of us who confront it regularly—it’s exhausting.

Have you ever wondered what’s causing anxiety in children?

When we get compared to our peers we feel low and disheartened.  Some of them are super talented and intelligent. From where do they get so much time to hone their skills or are they super human beings? This starts creating a feeling of inferiority complex in us and thus may lead to anxiety.

This may be one reason- peer pressure. There are so many other factors that may lead to a feeling of anxiousness such as completing homework , to be ahead in co-curricular activities ,faring well in exams with expectation of scoring not just 80% but no less than 95%, and above all updated with the new trends on social media and being the coolest among all the friends.

Isn’t it too much for a child???

Now, the question arises, how to reduce this feeling of anxiety?

Our friends who are excelling are not robots, then what do they do differently that makes them standout?

Maybe we are procrastinating as far as studying regularly, doing our homework and assignments are concerned. So, we need to plan our schedule on a daily basis.

To participate and excel in sports, one can join sports programme of one’s interest in school itself within school timings. This would keep one physically and mentally fit and save time after school hours which can be utilized for various other activities. As well as, it would instil confidence in us and also enhance our social skills.

One needs to practice the concepts taught regularly so that the examophobia is not there. For this we should minimize our screen time by not playing mobile games and following a routine or a schedule which keeps us on track.

Parents too have an important role in relieving children of their anxiety. They should spend quality time with their children, listen to their concerns, appreciate their achievements. The entire family should have at least one meal together, where the children can share their problems and their day to day activities.

Moreover, we all need to understand and accept the fact  that every child is different. Every child may not excel in all spheres. We as children should try giving our best within our capabilities and strive to achieve more with consistent efforts.

With proper planning and strategies, one can overcome anxiety and surely succeed in every walk of life.