Ways to address bullying

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(by Khushi Meena, Class XI)

Bullying is the repetitive, intentional use of words or acts against a person or a group with the intent to hurt them physically, socially, or psychologically. Typically, they aim to weaken the target. Bullying can take place anywhere.

There are different types of bullies, like verbal bully, physical bully, cyber bully etc.

Bullies occasionally fail to recognise how awful they make their targets feel. You might think it’s all in good fun if you’re making jokes about someone. Although it could have started off that way, but after a few days or weeks, the person you are making fun of starts to feel hurt.

A majority of bullies are unaware of how bad their actions are or how they make the victim feel. No matter what kind of bullies they are, they lack feelings of respect, kindness, and compassion towards others.

In order to prevent bullying in classrooms, it is our duty, as a student to establish a safe and healthy environment. This calls for not only regularly identifying and addressing bullying but also fostering an environment of respect and dignity in our classroom.

Here are some ways to address bullying:

  • Never participate in bullying.
  • Report as soon as you find someone doing so.
  • Tell bystanders to stop being a part of it.
  • Be a member of the anti-bullying squad.
  • Attend workshops to learn more about the same.
  • Talk to your loved ones if you ever think that someone is trying to bully you.
  • Don’t ignore bullies. Take action, immediately.

Well, one of the reasons why some people experience social anxiety or genuinely hate going to school is because of bullying. Bullying affects our life in a negative way. It can lead to depression due to bad mental health. The person who is bullied sometimes get suicidal thoughts also but we should keep in mind that there is always someone who cares about us and loves us. Bullying is no good for anyone, even the bully. Bullying is never right.