How meaningful experiences can change life

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(By Khushi Meena, Class IX)

In our lives, we can never run out of things to do. Whether it be exploring new hobbies, discovering new passions, or simply taking the time to appreciate what we have, life is full of opportunities and experiences to enjoy.

Empiricism's central concept is that, in life, knowledge can best be gained via experience. Well, experiences can be memorable; they can be positive as well as negative. One can even learn from their worst experiences in the past and grow into a better version of themselves in the present. Besides, meaningful experiences can change one's life, they have the power to shape our future.

 Masashi Kishimoto, the famous Japanese manga artist, is a prime example of the same.

In elementary school, Kishimoto was so focused on drawing that he did poorly in high school. But he never gave up, and this served as a meaningful experience for him that led him to become who he is today, a successful manga artist. His story is as an example of how these formative experiences can shape our future.

In a student's life, becoming a freshman at school can be a memorable experience as it helps in one's development as an individual. I myself, as a student can tell you how I learnt to become responsible and independent, and how I stay up late at night to keep up with my studies. But I am sure that these experiences will help me later in my life.

 I believe we are a mirror of our experiences. Our identity is shaped by all our experiences. Even a minor experience changes how we act on a certain day, which as a whole affects our life. Novel experiences are an essential part of wellbeing. The more you embrace them, the more powerful its effects are. The more opportunities we take from life, the more experience we gain and the more knowledgeable we become. The only way to truly expand and grow is to challenge oneself, whether through physical effort or stretching one's mental limits.

Hence, experiences are important in order to succeed in life, even if we fail; we experience and learn, and hence become better.