Innovation Is Key to Learning

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(by Riya Kavi, Class XI)

“A man’s mind, stretched by a new idea never goes back to it’s old dimensions”

The purpose of innovation is to come up with new plans and technologies that increase productivity and an innovative education provides students with the skills which applies practically, instead of providing them just with information about various subjects. This simply means that the curriculum must be adapted according to the needs of today’s society which not only focuses on accumulated knowledge in books, rather to make students, 21st century learners.

Our school, New Era Public School, Dwarka is ingrained with innovative teaching – our teachers encourage us and push us to be more creative and improve ourselves everyday.

Our school promotes co- curricular as much as academics in order to provide us with all round holistic development so that our creativity leaves an imprint on our character leading to commitment and consistency.

Garden visits, Elections, Plays, seminars with special speakers, Quizzes, Gaming competitions, etc are some examples of interactive teaching learning processes.

NEPS Dwarka is the place for your child’s early education and development, where teachers employ various teaching methods, making the classroom interactive with PPTs, animated videos, live examples ,storytelling, classroom activities, DIY projects, etc.

There’s a common belief that innovation in education is only related to technological advancements. However, in reality, innovation in education surpasses that.  Innovation is driven by learning. It allows students to expand their minds and develop skills outside the textbooks.

NEPS Dwarka creates a safe place for students to learn, try, fail, succeed, and take risks.