Benefits of writing everything down

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(by Vedika Raina, Class X)

We want so many things from life and when we see nothing going on as per our wish we get irritated and start cursing our luck. Sometimes we want to do so many things altogether but don’t know exactly from where to start with and feel exhausted. This affects our work performance .I also had such issues that bothered me all the time. I couldn’t concentrate on studies. My scores went down day by day. Then one day my teacher explained to me the importance of writing everything down and that changed my life for the best. Writing everything down, not only helps you to organise your thoughts but also to plan out your day. You can vent out your emotions in your journal or you can prepare for your day in your planner. Writing always helps.  Here I am sharing some of the benefits of writing everything down.

  • It gives you clarity of vision as you write down your goals.
  • It helps you reorganise your thoughts and stops you from making hasty decisions.
  • Writing things down by hand can be more beneficial when it comes to learning and processing new information.
  • It strengthens your memory and improves your focus. Giving your thoughts a physical form makes them easier to break down into steps that will help you put your thoughts into order.
  • It channelizes your inner conflicts and clears your  mental clutter.
  • You learn to set your priorities and focus on the most important.
  • It gives you a sense of satisfaction as you can track your progress.
  • It enables you achieve what otherwise seemed almost impossible.
  • It inspires you and guides you for all sorts of future challenges.
  • It helps you to enhance your self-confidence.
  • It motivates you to think and aim even high.
  • It promotes your social and emotional bonding in relationships.
  • It brings you a sense of security.
  • With positivity all around you get to enjoy a happier and healthier life.

If you’re not in the habit of writing on a regular basis, it might be time to start now. It’s a powerful habit to build and may very well be the catalyst to transforming your life. Therefore, writing down your thoughts, goals, feelings or even making a checklist can help us.

Writing doesn’t need to be difficult or grand. Write about your thoughts, interests, dreams, and emotions. You can start small: a quick note to yourself will do. The important thing is that you build the habit of writing into your daily routine.