Our Mission

To ENHANCE : the talent & knowledge of every child.
To ENRICH : the soul & mind with positive energies & values.
To EDUCATE : the child to be an ideal citizen & a good human being.

Our Aims & Objective


  • To make learning an easy and happy experience in an informal yet exciting environment.
  • To provide maximum learning material and simulation through concrete learning experiences.
  • To stress on competency-based learning outcomes.
  • To provide special attention to enable each child to learn at his / her own pace.



To emphasize on cooperative efforts with competitive spirit.
To provide opportunities for healthy positive competition to encourage leadership, responsibility & decision making.
To help children develop a caring, sharing attitude towards people, animals and the environment.
To emphasize on developing spoken English skills of each child.
To encourage participating in inter-school literary and other competitions for learning, self evaluation and self improvement.


To improve motor-coordination through physical education, games, self reliance skills, picnics, treks, art and Craft and other activities.

To develop a sense of team spirit, fair-play and self discipline.


  • To encourage creativity, individuality and aesthetic sense.
  • To encourage self expression through writing, drawing, arts and crafts, music and drama.
  • To develop compassion and tolerance.
  • To develop the ability to appreciate others.
  • To build a positive self image and ability to accept one’s weaknesses and inadequacies and to overcome them.
  • To develop self-respect, confidence and emotional stability.

Admission Rules

A child should be 3+ as on 31st March of the academic session when the admission is sought in Nursery. For students seeking admission in classes I-VIII, admission is strictly based on the child’s performance in written and oral assessment.

Fee Rules
  • Fee is to be deposited quarterly/monthly.
  • Fee should be deposited by the 10th of the month in the bank or in the school office.
  • Late fee is charged after the 10th day of the month.

Our Philosophy

The school provides learning experience that allows all students equal opportunity to develop their thinking and creative skills.
The school encourages partnership between school and home and foster positive skills.
The school recognizes that all children are different & these differences create opportunities for teachers and students alike to learn more about themselves and others.
The school promotes social, cultural, moral and spiritual development preparing students to be responsible, sensitive & caring citizens.

Our Methodology

Scientifically designed curriculum based on latest trends and research in education. Child oriented, activity based teaching methodology.
Use of innovative teaching aids like real objects, models, building blocks, Montessori equipment, puppets, informative films, computers and others.
Teaching techniques to develop reasoning, innovation, application of knowledge and critical thinking.
An integrated approach to learning through art and craft, music, games, competitions and other activities.

Annual Day

The Annual Day is an opportunity for all students to display their talent through participation in various cultural programs. We ensure that every child gets a chance to be part of the celebration as we believe that this is a learning experience where a child acquires confidence and strong belief in the self.

Sports Day

Education is not considered complete without sports & games. The Annual Sports Meet is a major event which is held every year with an aim to inculcate a sense of team spirit and fair play in children. The participate in various track & field events with sportsman spirit and imbibe the value of competition & co-operation.

Holiday Home-Work Display

Holiday Home-Work is given during summer vacations to keep the children busy throughout the vacations. It is learning by doing and a lot of fun. After the school reopens, parents are invited to appreciate and encourage the efforts of the children.

Celebration of Festivals

With the view to familiarize our children with the rich traditions and customs of our country, we celebrate major festivals and important days in school. The children perform and learn why and how the festivals are such an important part of our lives

Spic Macay

Programs are held under the aegis of SPIC MACAY twice a year. The students get an opportunity to witness various performances by renowned artists in music & dance.

Class Projects

Interdisciplinary class projects are given during summer vacations. Students present their class projects in the month of July/August to parents and teachers.