Impact of Social Media on the Class

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Hemant Godara, IX

Social media has had a great effect on the world. For some negative and for some positive. In this blog I will be talking about the positive effects of social media on my class. During the pandemic,  social media in a way come to our rescue.

Hidden skills?

We all had a lot of free time in the lockdown. When there is a lot of free time, boredom sets in. And this was exactly the case with me. I was fed up looking at the screen 24/7 but, having nothing to do I, like usual got on my phone. I was really influenced with artists on the Internet and tried to do arts for all the free time I had. The plan turned out great, I was very good in arts, yet I found something constructive to do and develop a new skill. Sometimes being on the screen can help you get off the screen.


Watching different content on social media can help improve your vocabulary. Many of my friends improved their spoken English by watching English content on the Internet. Not just spoken English I also improved my writing skills, as well by writing blogs, like this one and reading others too.

Inspiring Stories

Most of us searched for the stories of successful people and read about them on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, and were inspired by them about what to do in life. Stories of lives of people like Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were the most inspiring for us.

Critical thoughts

Social media has a plethora of different types of content. Students can even create their own content as well. This helps them to think critically. One of my old friends, Izaan had such an idea. He was very influenced with the Arduino, after finding some videos about it on the Internet. (Arduino is an open source coding program to create machines). He thought about what else could be made from it. After searching on different sites and watching a few more videos, be created a smart dustbin for his house and even used the Arduino for a science project in 2021.

Something different?

Even if you want to learn something different and new, we can use social media platforms for it. One of my classmates started learning French, and another was learning new cooking skills. The point is that social media is like an endless ocean of creative thoughts and ideas from people around the world. You can always find something different even if you have nothing on your mind.


I would like to share my own experience for this point; social media really had a great impact on me through music. It helped me to control my anger and be calm. I explored and found new music melodies each day.


My class changed a lot during the pandemic, and all thanks to social media. I personally thank social media as it helped me get off my screen, find a new skill, and control my anger. I really loved writing this blog and hope that you loved reading it too. In this blog I tried to explain the huge impact that social media has had on me and my friends, making our lives a bit easier and in some cases better!! Positive thoughts are everywhere but one must know exactly where to find them and use them in their lives.