Curriculum is the core of any education process. It is the entire painted canvas of knowledge that encompasses every essential component in preparing a student for life. The school constantly seeks ways to enrich the curriculum through sports, cultural activities, social activities, arts & crafts and hobbies. The school follows XSEED curriculum based on the prescribed CBSE content from Class LKG to Class V. The XSEED modalities ensure that each child has strong hold on fundamental concepts and develops acute critical thinking skills necessary in higher order learning. These critical thinking skills and life skills are integrated in Curriculum to ensure that students are aware about national and international issues. Undoubtedly the focus is on the overall development. The curriculum is characterised to instill in students the qualities of sincerity, endurance, integrity and honesty.

For senior students the school offers the following courses of study in class XI & XII:

  • Science: Medical and Non Medical
  • Commerce (with/without Mathematics)
  • Humanities

In addition to preparation for Board Examinations the curriculum is such that it endeavors to meet the wider needs and aspirations of all students. Our curriculum planning is proactively undertaken, in order to ensure that course work remains innovative to ensure that language and other disciplines are strongly inter linked. Throughout school life, the curriculum lays great emphasis on language and effective communication skills, analytical ability, awareness of history, geographical knowledge and environmental factors, enquiry and development of scientific temperament and continuous development of the physical self.