There is no limit to what you can achieve

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(by Aashi, Class IX)

There is no limit on what you can achieve in life, except the limits you have set in your mind. Indeed, this is true.

One should never let others decide the limits for themselves; neither should you put limits to yourself.  No matter how good you are in something, you can always do better. There is always scope for improvement and limitations are nothing more than mere boundaries, which are meant to break.

In my life as well I faced many such similar situations, like when I was selected for a six words story contest in my school for our Inter school competition. I honestly thought how could I win? There will be so many other competitors who would be a hundred times better than me. However, my teachers encouraged me and prepared us for the competition. On the day of the competition I gave my best and didn’t let my own fears pull me down. And I ended up getting the first place.

The question is HOW? Because I did not let some boundaries limit my imagination and creativity. This made me think why to stop here? I can achieve so much more. When you think like this, you start getting better and better at what you are doing.

Life has no limitations except the ones you make.


The right to put limits on you, lies with you yourself. It is only you who can determine it. It is possible to achieve anything in life; with hard work and commitment.

You cannot start a business, run in marathons, get in shape, write a book, get famous all at once but no body shall stop you from doing all that in a life time.

Even the impossible can be achieved.

Things are only impossible until you think it is.

With faith, struggle, hope, determination, passion and fervour there is not a limit to achieve anything.