The House system at New Era Public School Dwarka is based on the Vedas, which is a Sanskrit term for 'knowledge'. Thus, through our house activities, we give a multitude of opportunities to students to kindle their existing knowledge and absorb new learnings along the way.

The school is divided into four houses, each named after the four Vedas: Rig, Sam, Atharva and Yajur. With a common goal of building a sense of unity and learning as a team, all houses strive to inculcate the most mindful values amid students. This is achieved through various inter-house activities in sports, music, dance, dramatics, arts, public speaking, Mathematics, Sciences, Social Sciences and general knowledge.

ATHARV VEDA: The principles of this house focus on the unrestricted flow of learning and embracing self. The house believes in making the most of the opportunities that come its way and to lead by example. The green colour house uniform depicts harmony and optimism, which each child from the house showcases.

RIG VEDA: Exploring new paths and working together in unison are what describe Rig Veda house. Ethos such as team work, diligence and acceptance form its foundation. The red colour of the house symbolizes warmth, determination and passion which the students from this house display

SAM VEDA: The house believes in the confluence of the arts in learning as well as in stirring one to go beyond the given. Each child must explore his/her inner potential and take pride in their being. The blue colour of the house uniform highlights values of tranquility and reliability that each member must possess.

YAJUR VEDA: Ideals such as being disciplined, organized and having clarity of thought describe this house. Staunch experimentalists, students of Yajur Veda display high sense of devotion towards learning. The yellow house uniform depicts a growth, liveliness and intellect that students of this house exhibit.