Experiential learning prepares students for the outside world

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(by Tanisha, Class XI)

As we all know cramming words and lines won't help one gain experience. Here comes experiential learning into play. These days schools not only aim to provide theoretical knowledge, but also prepare a student for the world outside the school.

Even in our scriptures and old texts from Indian culture, the value has been given to learning by experience. Students were supposed to imply what they had learned from their Gurus and were not declared promoted until they could instil the lessons in their own lives and use them practically.

Experiential learning helps students to learn through experiences, makes them confident, and improves their decision making skills. It also helps them to tackle various life problems and enhances their social skills as well.

I still remember when I came to New Era Public School, Dwarka, I was a very shy girl. I always started to cry whenever I was asked to go on the stage. It was my teachers who helped me to become confident and encouraged me to participate in various competitions and events. With every encouragement, I discovered something new about myself.

My teachers were and are very supporting. They helped me recognise my talents and made me the person I am today. Educational trips, outdoors activities, interschool competitions, team tasks, peer teaching, etc.  help us all to gain exposure, enhance our social skill and develop team spirit.

Our school this year also made it compulsory for the senior classes to intern during the summer vacations in order to provide us with a glimpse of the outside world and prepare us for future.

I think I would have never developed these skills if I was only allowed to cram lectures to score good grades. These skills have made me a better person, someone who can face the world outside the classrooms.  the process of learning by doing, engaging students in hands-on experiences aid us all to learn from our mistakes, reflect and introspect as well as creates room for creativity.