Renaissance - Rebirth

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(by Prisha Udar, Class XII)

Each year at New Era Public School, Dwarka,  Renaissance is celebrated like a festival. During this fiesta we try to revive the spirit of Renaissance by engaging in activities related to art and culture. These activities invigorate our beings and give us a deeper insight into life.

As students, assignments and examinations may not always accurately reflect our individual talents or capabilities. Competitions aid in inspiring kids to succeed and excel. 

Competitions provide many more benefits than simply winning the award, they serve as a springboard towards bigger goals in life.

Everyone has suffered a lot because of the pandemic, but this year lifted the spirits of New Erians as Renaissance-2022 possessed a soul. A lively, infectious, and enthusiastic soul. The festival was a huge success, with over 41 schools and over 700 students participating in 12 vibrant competitions, spread out over two days.  

All this was possible due to the unmatched precision, zeal and vigour of the Renaissance team. The fiesta blossomed under the reassuring leadership of the school’s Director, Mr. Rohit Chopra and under the supportive supervision of Ms Kanwal Kohli, the Principal.