Board Exams Preparation

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(by Kushal Sehrawat, Class X)

The true happiness of being a student is: having finished all of your exams, but I am very far away from this happiness. I have my plans ready of what all things I will be doing after my 10th board examinations but right now - it’s the crucial time of preparation.

My school teachers are very supportive and they are constantly helping us with revisions and worksheets, but it’s me who often loses interest and tends to make myself busy with other things that are fun but very distracting. My parents wish the best for me and they want me to study. My mother says “Don’t strive for higher grades; strive for higher learning and then eventually your grades would fall into place.”. Exam pressure brings on heightened stress and burnout that can hinder our performance. My way of dealing with this is mindful meditation which I’ve learnt recently.

Meditation is the one of the ways to rest the brain. It increases our ability to retain what we’ve learnt. After practicing this on a regular basis I’ve seen improvement in my grades as well as my anxiety towards the examination.

Sweaty palms, anxious grins, continuous tapping of the feet are all signs that make board exam students distinctly identifiable from the others. 

The key to this problem is systematic and smart preparation for the boards. Here are some cheat codes which I have been following:

  1. Examination pattern overview.
  2. Preparation of short notes.
  3. Importance of underlining and highlighting.
  4. Give preference to your text book over reference books.
  5. Attempt all past years' papers.
  6. Thoroughly revise the easy’ chapters.
  7. Do not neglect the languages.
  8. Make formula lists/ flash cards.
  9. Prepare a balanced study schedule.
  10. Focus on your answer presentation.

Though taking a break is also important, so I go for walks and watch my favourite Netflix series for 1 hour. The word ‘Board Examination’ is scarier than the exam itself. but we all should have faith and confidence in ourselves.

Wish me luck for my exams!!

Thank you