Kick Your Fear Monkey! New Era Public School Dwarka

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(by Arnav, Class VI)

Sitting in the examination hall, holding the question paper in my hand, sweat pouring down my face as I don’t know the answer to a single question. Should I run out of the hall? Should I shout or cry? Fear of failing is sending shivers down my spine and then I hear a voice calling my name, “Arnav, Arnav, wake up fast, otherwise, you will get late for school.” And I realised that was only a dream.

I am sure you have also seen such dreams at some point in your life. If you are wondering, why am I talking about these weird dreams, then let me tell you I am here to talk about exam fear and how you can deal with it. Exam fear can arise due to lack of preparation, fear of failure, etc. It grips us when the exam date sheet is announced and holds us tight until the last exam is over. There is enormous pressure on us from family, school, and well-wishers. Fear of disappointing our parents, the consequences of the result, and so many other?exam-related thoughts?creep into our minds. It is natural to get all these feelings.

Now, the question is, how can we get over this exam fear, also known as “Examinophobhia”?


  • With proper planning and strategy, you can overcome this fear and succeed in any examination.
  •  Go through previous years’ question papers and take some breaks by listening to music or talking to friends.
  • Get plenty of sleep and do some exercise daily to keep yourself fit and fine.
  • Let the thought of tests bring in lots of positivity, energy, and enthusiasm instead of fear, anxiety, and fever.
  • Revision is the key, keep revising after you are done with a particular topic. I also use the technique of learning and writing which helps me understand the concepts in a better way. After all, you have to write in exams so why not practice writing beforehand? Saying from my own experience, this method helps me remember the answers for a long time. ?

Examinations are just a means to assess your skills, knowledge, and memory power. Don’t get disappointed if you didn’t do well in an exam, instead, you must keep moving ahead. Failing in a single exam or not scoring as per your expectations doesn’t mean your life is over. You are going to get numerous other opportunities in your life where you can show your calibre. Face it with the right spirit and kick your fear monkey!