Young Achiever

1.  Our students participated in the event 'Rhetoria' conducted at J.M. International School on 22nd January,2019. Devanshu Yadav of Class VII won the II prize in Ghazal Singing Competition. Alankrita Sahoo of Class III won the the III prize in dot painting competition.

2. Our students - Rahul Raj Singh (Class XII), Chirag Mittal (Class X), Ishika Kundra (Class X) and Manish Kumar (Class XII) - 

    won the 1st prize in multimedia presentation at SYNC - IT Fest organized at New Era Public School, Mayapuri on 3rd November, 2018. 

    The team created a short film named ‘Chromosome Wh(y)?’ stating that "Women equality is a mirage".

3. Ambati Bharadwaj Raju of Class IX has got 2nd International Rank in SOF National Cyber Olympiad (NCO). 

He has won a cash prize of Rs. 25,000, a silver medal and certificate of outstanding excellence for the session 2017-18.


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